I chose to do a promotional poster of a book because I wanted to experiment with different mediums such as photography and graphic design rather than my original idea of digitally painting my poster.  The book is based on a journal I kept during my United Kingdom trip this summer. I wanted to portray a straightforward visual and keep the text very minimal. In fact, I would say I struggled with typography the most. I wanted the poster to be very clean and simple but Helvetica wasn’t cutting it. The title also contributed to the typography problem when it was either too long or too big on the poster, in the end I settled for ‘2014’ in roman numbers . The roman numerals reminded me of the clock towers in England which is the reason I chose it for the title. The imagery I chose was from my trip, I decided to lower the contrast instead of increasing it and played around with the hue and saturation to get a faded effect. The dull, pastel colours in the picture creates a calm, relaxing mood that suits the photograph as well as the contents of the book. I created the passport graphics using a variety of shapes and lines. Although I didn’t follow through with creating something without using my simplistic style, overall, I think I effectively created a piece using new and different materials.

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