[Week 7]: Motion Graphics

Find and post the videos for some of your favourite pieces of motion graphics and reflect on what makes them strong. 


This is one of the inspirations for my motion graphics. I love the simple shapes and flat colours used in the sequence and the attention to the little details. It’s borderline an animation as it does have the ability to tell story about the girl walking through the imagery and song but it’s not too in depth.

I also really like the title sequences for the ABC show, Once Upon a Time. The beginning of each episode, the title will have a slight change in the characters hinting what the episode will be focusing on. It gives the audience something to think about and keeps them entertained as the episode is going on. The title is in the center and in your face so the audience will know what it’s about, the graphics are mysterious and blends in well with the background but it still remains visible in the sequence.

For my motion graphics project I am choosing between the book “Thirteen Reasons Why” or the TV show “Avatar the Last Airbender”.

For both, I wanted to keep it very simple with flat 2D characters and settings. With Thirteen Reasons Why, I was thinking of focusing everything on a mixtape graphic and have it animated like it’s playing. The text on the mix tape will change and the audio will be someone or myself reading an excerpt of the book. With Avatar the Last Airbender, it would be slightly more challenging as I would want to create four different settings which the character walks through to symbolize his journey to becoming the Avatar and saving the world. For the audio I am unsure. I’m debating the two because Thirteen Reasons Why is one of my favorite books and Avatar the Last Airbender is my childhood and I often find inspiration from the animated series so it makes sense to try a different take on the series.

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