Kill la Kill Motion Graphics

Kill la Kill is an anime about two girls who lived in an alternate world where our clothes make us who we are. Perhaps it isn’t all that different. These clothes are ranked, with regular clothes given to the poorest no stars, one stars, two stars and three stars. Depending on the rank, the clothes enables the person to fight or enhance their abilities.The two main characters have clothes specially made for them and are greater than the three star uniforms.

The two main characters are opposites of each other. Their viewpoints and opinions, status, and personality. Because of this, they have a rivalry relationship and battles using their uniforms throughout the show. I tried to portray their rivalry by positioning them on the opposites of each other as well as contrasting them with the black and white.


The ending screen was inspired by the battle and fight scenes in the anime. These scenes are often chaotic with the characters flying around, defying gravity and all things physics.

What I was aiming for was a title sequence, however, the requirements of the assignment asked not to use typography anywhere else in the motion graphics, so when the girls popped in, it felt like it was missing something. To fix that, I tried putting in more red lines to represent a key point of the show.


Prototype screencap.


The font I chose was simple. I wanted it to be legible and bold. Straightforward, one of the only common characteristic in the characters.

The prototype was helpful, I was able to fix the timing and pace the piece in a way that wasn’t too fast or two slow. There are still quite a few adjustments I would make to be completely happy with the project. If I had more time to work on it, I might have made my own background because tweaking the shades of grays to make the hair stand apart from the background and keeping the authenticity of the show was tedious. Lots of importing, tweaking and deleting. I would also had added more of the red stripes to better represent the shows key point to the uniforms.

Overall, I really enjoyed this project and I hope to do more with the program in the future.

[Week 10]: Kill La Kill


As usual, I changed my idea last minute but thankfully, it was the prototype and not the final project.
I was working on my Avatar piece and I wasn’t feeling it anymore. I didn’t have the effect I was looking for and it was more suitable for my upcoming computer vision project instead. Music was a big issue as well, being a New Media 2017 student, I have very limited resources, I would not be able to use equipment in the cage since I wasn’t “trained” to use it. We were offered to be “trained” if we asked but I’m not sure how I’m going to juggle a full course load plus RTA103 and workshops. I’m already behind enough.  So I chose a song in the iTunes library and it reminded me of an anime I watched over the summer. Listening to the ten second clip, I could already imagine my final project and that’s what I settled for.
There are quite a few things I need to fix up before my project is complete. I need to figure out something to replace the names of the characters and I am also hoping to squeeze in a two second clip of their uniforms before the title comes in. Because I am adding a little bit more to the sequence, the timing is a bit off and I am hoping to get everything to match up. The graphics are hand drawn with references and I want to change it to my own poses rather than use the same poses in the show.
I’m not quite sure what motion graphics inspired this as I got the idea late at night after listening to the music clip, but I’m sure I got it during a lectures or surfing online. I’ll post it as soon as I figure it out.

Walt Disney J1 Cultural Exchange Program – APPLICATION

I’m going to start documenting this so I could look back on it or maybe it could help someone! Let’s hope my blog posts don’t cut short and I make it to the end! Just a little brief background about me, I am applying through the Disney Careers website from Toronto, Canada, I am in second year university and I have worked as a cast member at the Disney Store.

I was looking into the program at the beginning of the year and I had checked the Disney Careers website late August as several blogs have said applications usually start in August but I found nothing and assumed I had missed the application date. It wasn’t a big deal to me since I wasn’t sure if I was ready to travel abroad and live in a different country as well as the fact that I’m not legal in America. However, you can only do this program a maximum of three times and in case I do want to do it three times, I’d have to start this year.

I started tweaking my resume and cover letter to fit the program better. I included all of my successful long term volunteering and employment as well as any short term volunteering that portrays my personality and character. My resume is about two pages long and as for my cover letter, I mainly talked about why I wanted to be in the program and what I loved about the company but I also included reasons why I would be suitable for the program to back it up. I have previous history with the company as a seasonal cast member for 2013 and 2014 so I briefly touched upon my experiences there.

I have yet to submit my application yet because I want someone to proofread my resume and cover letter. Personally I hate having someone proofread just because I know my English and grammar isn’t the best but that’s why I need proofreading, especially when it’s something like this. I would like to get it done right. I also want to use my resources and get references from my managers at Disney. Once I get everything proofread, I will get my references this week and hopefully submit everything by Monday.