Walt Disney Cultural Exchange Program – Aftermath

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts but I applied to this program without telling a single soul. I just went on the website one day, saw the posting and applied. I didn’t tell friends, cast members, not even my parents. Which resulted in some…minor problems, like my parents not wanting to let me go…

Their main concern was whether or not it was a scam and whether I’d be kidnapped to Mexico and become a part of the human trafficking world. In the end, I wrote up all the information, similar to my previous blog post and I got a thumbs up!

Because it was such a last minute thumbs up, I had to rush to pay for the fees and submit my forms. I was told that I would get a little bit more time to submit my proof of student status since it was reading week but it was not given to me immediately. I had to call Disney to reopen my DOC and submit my form the day after. So if anyone was worrying, Disney is quite lenient as long as you have a good reason.

That basically sums up my application process. I still need to book flights, get a criminal background check and pay for medical insurance. I’ll update closer to the date but I’ll be posting Disney World pictures soon! Until then, have a magical day!

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