Walt Disney Cultural Exchange Program – Update

I have a little less than a month till I move out and start working at Disney World. I recently found some roommates via Facebook and everyone seems really friendly! The roommate situation consists of six girls including myself – three Canadians and three Mexicans. We’re hoping we get into Chatham Square with two bedrooms.

Honestly, I am having mixed feelings about this whole thing. I’m extremely grateful that I got into the program and by no means do I not want to go but I’m kind of scared/worried/homesick. I haven’t been in a situation where I won’t be home for a long period of time. My last trip on a United Kingdom cruise, I got homesick after two weeks and I was with my mom. This situation could go either way – I could be extremely happy and outgoing or I could be moping after two weeks, yearning for home and my queen sized bed. I’m also someone who is very selfish in the way where I want to have the best of both worlds. In this case, I want to be doing fun activities with my friends at home but I also want to leave and do something different with my summer.

I’ve also been worrying about the swim test that I have to pass in order to become a lifeguard for the company. The swimming portion isn’t hard and I’m not that worried about the lifeguard crash course either. It was the vision test that was freaking me out. During my interview in January, my recruiter and I had a little misunderstanding where I told her my vision situation (which is -3.50 and -4.00) and she assumed it was 20/20 vision. I don’t really understand the 20/20 vision scale nor do I know how to convert the measurements so I was a little bit confused. I was hoping she would put me in recreation but she put me in lifeguarding instead. I had been freaking out for the past weeks because I did not want to be moved to another role. Long story short, I am pretty sure I’m allowed to wear contacts or glasses during the vision test. I also found out that I will be a shallow end lifeguard which apparently I only have to do a small portion of the swim test. From my understanding, being a shallow end lifeguard means I will not be working at the water parks but in the resorts, which I don’t mind as long as it’s not a lame standard swimming pool in a hotel.

With less than thirty days remaining, I need to hang out with my friends, clean up my house and start packing! I need to sew a few pencil skirts because finding pencil skirts in my size is a pain and all the affordable pencil skirts are too short for the Disney look. I should write up a list of things I need to pack and buy soon. Four weeks will fly by and I know I’ll be forgetting something the night before.

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