Disney Cultural Exchange Program – Check In Day!

For check in day, Disney will send you a specific time if you arrive early. I was assigned to come in at 9:30 AM whereas my roommates that arrived that day was assigned 1-2 hours after their flight landed.

Things you will need for check in:

  • Passport
  • DORMS boarding pass
  • DS2019

I had forgotten my DORMS boarding pass but the staff was very accommodating and searched for my roommate ID. I went through the line to get my papers checked and my program guide, then I got to a station where they gave me my key and told me where I will be living. The next station was to get my housing ID and then finally they took my DS2019 and my passport to get the paperwork done. The passport was returned to me at the immigration meeting on Thursday.

After check in, we were told to collect our bags from the waiting area and get on the bus to go to housing. My roommates and I got our third choice which was Chatham Square 2 bedroom, 6 roommates. I was the first to arrive so I got to choose my bed first.

My mom met up with me at the apartment with a taxi because the Disney bus will not take family and friends with them. If you’re parents are coming with you, I highly suggest you go to Wal-mart with them especially if they offer to buy your things for the first week. I made this mistake because I thought it’d be fun to go shopping with the roommates together which was fun but I also forgot a lot of things and the Wal-mart trip was more than I expected. A week later and I still have things that I had forgotten and I will need to make another trip.

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