Disney International College Program – First week!



On the first day, we were required to go to a housing meeting that basically told us the DOS and DON’TS of housing which is also outlined in the program guides. Operations and lifeguards have to do a urine drug and alcohol test in the morning and I highly suggest you not to drink two bottles of water and a glass of milk in the morning because they will have water provided as you wait in line to do the test. Character performers also had appointments on day one.


On day two, we had our Immigration Compliance presentation, which was basically telling us not to get arrested.

“If you wouldn’t do at home, don’t do it here. If you would do it at home, don’t do it here.”

Later in the day, we had to do our paperwork session, we filled out forms and then we got our Traditions schedule as well as your work location. However, if you’re a lifeguard, you won’t get your work location until you pass your swim test. For me it was later this evening.

We started with the vision test. It was a standard eye chart and we were asked to read line 8. I was super nervous because my eyesight is -3.50 and -4.00. But luckily, my prescription did not go lower and my contacts were still the right prescription. The swim test was super easy for shallow end. It was a 50 m swim and picking up a brick at 5ft whereas the deep end test was a 200 m swim, treading water for two minutes with hands above the water and picking up a brick at 8ft.

I passed my test and I will be working at the Caribbean Resort!

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