Let’s talk about privacy

I like my privacy…a lot. Every social media account I’ve signed up for has had it’s privacy settings configured. Everything I post on my social media is carefully selected. I do this because I’m a relatively quiet and private person. I just prefer not to put my entire life on the internet due to its permanence.

I’ve had my FaceBook account since 2008, Tumblr and Twitter since 2010 and Instagram since 2012. Going back on these accounts and shifting through all the stupid FaceBook pages I liked (I’m still not done unliking them all), reading my angsty Tumblr posts and raging Twitter rants really taught me a lesson on digital footprint and what a disaster 14 year old self had made. Ever since I learned about the digital footprint and what it could do to my future, I started to mass delete tweets and blogposts and made conscious decisions of what I would like to post on the internet.

FaceBook is the one social media platform that has many privacy setting options and was the platform that taught me how to customize these settings to suit me. FaceBook has multiple options on the privacy page.

Who can view your future posts

For this setting, you have four options; public, friends, only me and custom. Although my FaceBook doesn’t have anything to hide from employers, I personally feel uncomfortable with the public gaining such easy access to my profile and posts. I typically keep this setting to friends or custom. The reason for custom settings could be for certain people you don’t want to share your posts with. For me, it would be for my family, it’s rude to deny their request but I prefer if they didn’t see my disapproved typical 21 year old activities (nothing illegal! Just strict on alcohol, boys and swearing.)

Review your posts and tagged posts 

This option allows you to go through your old posts and posts that you’ve been tagged in and remove them easily.

Limit your past posts 

This allows you to limit you past posts to certain groups of people. Perhaps you’ve accepted your boss’ friend request and must filter all you past posts your younger self has cursed you with. This allows you to limit how far someone can scroll down your timeline.

Who can send you friend requests

You have two options for this; everyone and friends of friends. You don’t always meet people through friends and I’m usually too lazy to find people and add them so it’s just easier for me to leave it open to everyone and I’ll manually sift through them (not that I get many friend requests.)

Who can look you up via email and/or phone number 

Add people who you’re in contact with already. It’s convenient.


This allows you to pop up whenever someone types your name into a search engine. I allow it because I’m in a media major and FaceBook is a method to contact me. If you’re more of a private person, perhaps you might want to turn this one off.

Overall, my suggestion to those who are new to privacy settings for FaceBook is to keep most of the settings to friends to maintain what little privacy you have left when you post on the internet. Also, check your FaceBook privacy setting often as they tend to change. I looked at them for the first time in a while for this blogpost and the layout and options have drastically changed. Some of these options were set to public even though my previous settings were mostly set to friends and custom.

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