A fistful of emotions


Above is a relatively new meme featuring a fist from kids’ television ‘Arthur’. This meme first emerged on Twitter on the 27th of July from a user going by AlmostJT, the tweet has been taken down and only the screencap and the aftermath remains.

This meme became viral and ‘famous’ as it is relatable in many situations online and offline. I believe it also became popular because a great majority of the internet meme users are those who are 90s kids and the meme is able to make an old childhood cartoon relevant and a great #ThrowBackThursday.

The tweet brought attention to the fact that the screencap can be used with relatable captions to express emotions and context similar to the emoji culture. Some examples of how the meme is used:

Source: arthursfist_

(Absolutely relatable to me.)

Source: arthursfist_

(This includes their damn ice cream machine.)

The meme has also been remixed with the fist holding other objects. Below is a slightly more serious use of the meme but again, relatable to the news and events that are happening everyday in our society.

Source: arthursfist_

With the fist bringing attention of internet users, the users continued to meme many screencaps of the show with hilarious captions although much of the memes are not so clean or PG so I would prefer not to post them on my blog but a quick google or Twitter search of #arthurmemes will bring you great results. With the blow up of #arthurmemes, the creators have spoken out about their thoughts on the not so tasteful memes however, I highly doubt their wishes will be heard and carried out.

With that, I leave you with a #EID100 arthur meme:



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