Disney ICP 2017 -Emails + Role Checklist

After weeks and weeks of waiting for E-mails or updates on our applications, the alumni of the Disney International College Program finally got their emails on December 21st, 2016. The night before we received an e-mail from Disney’ Hilton Head Resort for an opportunity to work there for the summer. In the morning, we received multiple e-mails from Disney. My first e-mail was my role checklist and then my invitation to schedule my interview.

Role Checklist

There are a total of eleven roles ICP can choose from. Don’t be afraid to indicate no interest in the roles. Yes there are roles that can boost your application, but indicating no-interest in some of the roles are not going to harm your chances. (That being said, indicating no-interest in everything but your preferred role is not ideal and a good impression.)

  1. Quick Service Food & Beverage  – No Interest
  2. Merchandise High Interest 
  3. Lifeguard – Moderate Interest
  4. AttractionsHigh Interest 
  5. Custodial – Low Interest
  6. Costuming Operations – No Interest
  7. Character Performer –  Moderate Interest
  8. Housekeeping – Low Interest
  9. Character AttendantHigh Interest
  10. Recreation Activities – Moderate Interest
  11. Seater – Moderate Interest

My top roles:

Attractions – Specifically, Parade Audience Control. But I wouldn’t mind any ride.

Character Attendant – I’d love to spend time with characters and interact with guests. My only problem is I am rather shy, however this would be a good opportunity to push myself.

Merchandise – Easiest role for me as I have retail experience. Also would love to work in the parks and try on all the costumes, but the hours seem horrible unless in Animal Kingdom.

My interview is on January 18th and hopefully I’ll find out soon after that. From the past two years, responses will arrive between the end of January and the beginning of February. So in about a month, I’ll know if I’m going to Disney World or not.