The CONS of the Disney College Program

So the waiting period continues! I should be getting a response from Disney about my application for the ICP 2017 sometime this week or the next week. “Mid to the end of February” was what I got from my interviewer. Since then I’ve been occupying myself with a bunch of DCP vlogs since the spring advantage just started and since binge watching these vlogs, I’ve realized that rarely anyone talks about the down side of the college program.

I know during my research period for my first ICP, I was so excited. I expected to get five amazing roommates, living in a three bedroom, Chatham square apartment(our top pick at the time). I expected pixie dust, roommate bonding time and lasting friendships. I expected to work in a park. And…I pretty much got none of that, other than a Chatham Square apartment and one lasting friendship.

But don’t get me wrong! I still loved my program and that’s why I applied again! Here are just some of the unexpected to expect:

1. Housing conflicts

Sometimes your arrival date doesn’t work out with the amount of available empty apartments. In my case, I was on the second Canadian date, which meant most of the housing was filled up by the first batch of Canadians. When it came to linking up with my five other roommates, we found out that DORMs only allowed us to link up with 2-3 other people, which split the group of six we had planned out.

DORMs does not guarantee your top pick. It doesn’t guarantee you top 3-6 picks. It might even give you your last pick. Instead of a 3 bedroom, 6 person Chatham apartment, I got a 2 bedroom, 6 person Chatham apartment. Honestly, I kind of like having two other roommates. But then again I got the single bed.

2. Roommates

Typically, you meet your roommate through the facebook groups. Once we get accepted, the hunt for roommates begin. We post our roommate surveys and get to know each other on the group and eventually link up as roommates. Unfortunately, sometimes the surveys can be inaccurate…to put it nicely. In my case, it wasn’t too bad, but looking back at my roommates’ surveys, there was some inconsistency.

3. Work Location

When you tell your friends and family that you’ll be working at Walt Disney World, their assumptions will automatically go to Cinderella’s castle. But Walt Disney World property stretches beyond the four parks. The parks are a small portion of the property. The other parts of the property includes the resorts, the mini golf, the nearby highways and roads. Pretty much the minute you cross a Disney World arch, everything beyond that is Disney Property. Yes. All those trees and lakes are Disney’s. Don’t expect to work in your dream park because there’s four parks and more than 25 resorts that you could be placed at. From what I learned, it’s not the location that makes your job amazing, it’s the people. I eventually learned to love the view of Caribbean Beach. I learned to enjoy the bike rides to each of the pools and taking routine walks around Caribbean Cay.

4. Free time

All those instagram pictures and vlogs show you the days off. The WDW challenges and bucket list items you could do on your program. You think, oh three months, easy, I can finish all my bucket list items! But what you see on vlogs and instagram pictures, is one day out of the seven. The other six days, you’re in your costume at work, making magical moments for other families. Time goes by fast. Get started on some of those bucket list items before you even get your blue ID. (Resort hopping, explore Florida, Universal etc.)

Those were just some of my expectations that fell through. Everyone’s programs are different. As long as you keep a positive outlook, your experience at the Disney College Program will be just as valuable and enjoyable.

Stay tuned for a blogpost on housing! I like to write blogposts to inform other applicants as well as sort out my own thoughts and plans for my program and I’m having a lot of conflicts on which housing to choose this time around.