Cosplay Sweatshop

Monday May 05, 2014

Today was a productive day, with only eighteen days left we still have tons to do. ST and I started our first prop today, however, still nowhere near done and we still have to finish six props with just a little over two weeks. The costumes however are about eighty percent done. I just need the bullets and a few stitches here and there and we should be good to go. I went to Party City, Home Depot and Fabric Land in hopes of getting everything we need to finish our cosplays. Unfortunately, Party City didn’t have the damn bullets, so I have to either find some ASAP or order it online. Home Depot and Fabric Land were successful, I even found fabric for an Elsa cosplay I’m planning for later on the year. I’ll probably take pictures of what we have so far tomorrow and post it here and on the League of Legends cosplay group. 

Tomorrow’s plans are to go downtown to hand out resumes and then come home to dye my tights pink, finish ST’s arm wear and scarf. I also want to start on my Attack on Titan boot covers. But more importantly, I need to take pictures for my portfolio since I’m planning to apply to an internship. 

With all the cosplay work going on, hopefully I can be more consistent with this blogging thing.