Disney International Program – My location!

Source: Orlando Magia

So this is my location: Disney’s Caribbean Resort! In my last blog post, I mentioned that I initially wanted to work in the water parks. Working in the water parks gives you the benefit of accessing the water parks during the block out period. For cast members this summer, it is June 6th to most of my program.

However, after my tour of the resort and my first on the job training, I absolutely love it here. We began my training touring the pool area and getting to know the different zones. Then we took out bikes from the marinas and took a bike ride around the resort to cast services. What kind job training allows you to ride a bike around the resort? After lunch we did some in the pool training and VAT testings. VAT testings are so much easier when you’re the only one scanning. The VAT training in Ellis is great but it’s also kind of unrealistic to have 4-5 VATS and 21 lifeguards all diving in. Overall, pool scanning isn’t as boring or hard as I thought it would be since I’m constantly moving my head and position. It’s like a very long game of iSpy.


We ended the day testing out the slides and that concludes my first day at my location! I really enjoyed my first day at Caribbean Beach. I mean, where else would I get to ride bikes, test slides, splash around and play a very long game of iSpy?