Disney International Program – My location!

Source: Orlando Magia

So this is my location: Disney’s Caribbean Resort! In my last blog post, I mentioned that I initially wanted to work in the water parks. Working in the water parks gives you the benefit of accessing the water parks during the block out period. For cast members this summer, it is June 6th to most of my program.

However, after my tour of the resort and my first on the job training, I absolutely love it here. We began my training touring the pool area and getting to know the different zones. Then we took out bikes from the marinas and took a bike ride around the resort to cast services. What kind job training allows you to ride a bike around the resort? After lunch we did some in the pool training and VAT testings. VAT testings are so much easier when you’re the only one scanning. The VAT training in Ellis is great but it’s also kind of unrealistic to have 4-5 VATS and 21 lifeguards all diving in. Overall, pool scanning isn’t as boring or hard as I thought it would be since I’m constantly moving my head and position. It’s like a very long game of iSpy.


We ended the day testing out the slides and that concludes my first day at my location! I really enjoyed my first day at Caribbean Beach. I mean, where else would I get to ride bikes, test slides, splash around and play a very long game of iSpy?

Disney International College Program – Lifeguard Testings

OK. So it’s a lot harder to keep a consistent blog about my adventures than I thought. I’m keeping two blogs, this blog to update with more information and details of my program and jodiedoesdisney for pictures, quick notes and summary of my day.

Source: Disney Wikia

Today was my first day of on the job training at my location: Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort! But before I get into my location, first things first, lifeguard testings! Yay! On the Disney website, they listed the vision test, swimming test and the Ellis Associates lifeguard exam.

Vision Test

Straightforward, it’s basically the same as an eye exam. We were required to read line 8 on the eye chart with or without glasses or contacts. So if you’re blind as a bat like me (L -3.50, R -4.00), you will still do fine as long as you have glasses or contacts. In fact, I started reading line 9 because I was super nervous and I’ve been told on multiple occasions that I had great eyesight.

Swimming Test 

There are two different tests: shallow water and deep water.

  • Shallow Water guards: 50m front crawl or breast stroke, pick up brick at deepest area in shallow water (5ft)
  • Deep Water guards: 200m front crawl or breast stroke, pick up brick at deepest area of the pool (8ft+) and 2 minute tread with head and hands above the water.

From what I noticed, shallow water guards are mostly placed in resorts and deep water guards are mostly in water parks. Initially I wanted to work in a water park but I am absolutely content with my location! I’ll make another post about my location later!

 Ellis Associates Lifeguard Exam

The exam has three parts and you must pass all three to get certified. The certification will only apply to working at Disney and will last up to a year before you have to renew it.

  • Written Exam: Consists of 50 multiple choice questions. Minimum 80% to pass.
  • Individual CPR practical: Scenarios of adult, child and infant. Must pass all three and allowed one retake on the day of.
  • Team pool practical: Given a scenario and tested on your ability to save the victim(s). Pass or fail / Did you save or kill your guest?

My tips for the written exam is to do the review package, circle the ones that you’re unsure of and briefly read over the textbooks. Look at the images provided by the textbook. For the individual CPR practical, stay calm, take it slowly and list all the steps as you’re doing it. You are highly encouraged to be vocal during class however, during testing I made sure I noted every detail.


Examiner: Adult has no pulse.

Me: Starting CPR. Compressions. 1,2…30. Two breathes. 1 breathe, 2 breathe. Compressions.

The team practical is probably the hardest as you need teamwork to pass. I was paired with three guys. This was a good and bad thing. The good thing is that they could do the more physical part of the job such as backboarding and lifting the victim out. But because guys will be guys, two of them were the typical, “I’m right, you’re wrong”type of guys. Needless to say, there were a lot of holes that I saw and spoke up about but I was ignored so… we failed the first time. We didn’t completely fail because in the end, the victim would have lived; our examiner wanted to see us do a cleaner job and we passed the second time!

I got an Ellis Associates pin for getting perfect on both my written and individual practical exam! 
I got an Ellis Associates pin for getting perfect on both my written and individual practical exam!