Etiquette of the Web

The etiquette of the web, also known as netiquette pretty much means:

Basic netiquette is similar to the basic etiquette of life. Be polite and be aware.

The internet has basically become an alternate universe which we live in virtually. We essentially become people behind screens that create and type your own story and personality (or be truthful, there are those people too!). Be polite by being clear and concise in your posts and conversations and don’t spam as that is annoying and most likely ignored and deleted. Be culturally and socially aware as in today’s culture, both online and ‘IRL’ (in real life), people can be extremely sensitive to topics such as race, sexuality and equality.

Here are some quick pointers to good netiquette:

  • Have something to promote? Don’t spam. Whenever I see any signs of spam, I automatically glance past the multiple posts and continue onto the next one. No one will read your promotion even if it’s good. Tip: Use other methods to draw attention. Perhaps, caps your TITLE or bold important information.
  • Have a general understanding of your audience/receiver so you can use the proper language. For example, when sending an email to a friend, using short-form or slang can be acceptable however, when sending an email to an employer, you might want to refrain from using slang and modern abbreviations.
  • Do not steal. Yes, yes you can steal on the internet. People who publish their own blogposts, photos, artwork etc. That is copyrighted information. If you want to use someone else’s pictures or quote a sentence, remember to always give credit and source them.
  • You have internet and so does your employers. Everything is a click away to finding who you really are. Everything you post online, stays online and everywhere else. Don’t be rude and/or abusive.

That’s all for this week! See ya later!