[Week 2] Digital Media and I

Ahh, digital media, the term which drew me to choosing New Media at Ryerson. My initial thoughts on digital media was all about what we saw on the internet, on our screens. It was graphic design, web design, social media, animation! Digital media was art that is created on a screen and then broadcasted all across the media. And that’s what digital media is! But digital media can be and is so much more!

A lot of the things that was brought up in class this week was not necessarily ‘new’ to me or probably to anyone else. I’m sure most of us knew we were surrounded by digital media. In this generation, we are constantly told that we are consumed and controlled by the media. You can see that in the way we dress -staying up to date in the latest trends. You can see that in the way we speak -bringing acronyms such as ‘YOLO’ and ‘LOL’ into our everyday language. I already knew that Digital Media is at our finger tips, but the concept of it never seems to stick in my mind. I suppose it’s because I see it everywhere that I’ve been conditioned to not take note of it. There were many examples of digital media brought up in class that I never really thought of. Street signs were definitely not the first things that I would have thought when it came to digital media. It was interesting to realize that book covers and street signs are part of digital media.

With digital media being so prominent in my life, it is only natural that my digital footprint is quite large. A quick Google search and you can probably find my Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr and of course this blog. However, the majority of my footprint is unprofessional; my Facebook collects dust, my Twitter is full of angry tweets and complaints about the TTC. As an RTA student or as a student in general, digital media is so important in our everyday lives; the media can do so much to change our lives through references, connections and promotions to list a few. But if the wrong type of information gets put on the media, people may get a bad impression of your overall character. It is important that we learn how to use digital media effectively to benefit us and help us pave our pathway into the media industry.


Over the past year, I have been doing upgrades to my social media, whether it’s doing some extreme decluttering or changing my usernames and with this course I’m hoping to create a stronger professional footprint and focus more on the visual sides of my social media. By the end of this course, I’m hoping my digital footprint would be able to represent me as a growing artist and entrepreneur. I want to be able to  take what I learn in class and apply it to create my brand. I made it my personal goal to create business cards and restart my YouTube channel by the end of the year and I think the skills I learn in this class will help push me to my goals. I’m most excited to learn Photoshop and After Effects. I’ve always wanted to use Photoshop to do my digital and concept art but I never got the chance to. The assignments are also very similar to the ones I did in high school (Album covers and Posters) and I’m interested to see what I create in this class and how I have improved from those projects. I expect quite a few challenges such as learning new softwares but I also want to push my limits and challenge myself to different styles. I find myself always going to the same layouts, typography and techniques in most of my artwork and I want to explore and step out of my boundaries.

This class is by far my favorite class yet! Majority of my classes are concepts and idea based and you have no idea how excited I am to be able to make stuff.  Below I included some of my most recent works and at the end of the term, I’m going to look back and do a comparison post so stay tuned!


A T-Shirt design for Judy and Benji Travis from ItsJudysLife. 

Created with Paint Tool Sai

Lydia Martin

Digital painting of Lydia Martins from Teen Wolf

Created with Paint Tool Sai