New Project! Projection Mapping

With this project, I was inspired by Tony Stark’s garage/office. Ideally, I would like to project my animations and images onto the back of a clear/translucent screen, while I perform in front of the screen. If that doesn’t work, I would like to project my animations and images down onto a table or flat surface and record my interactions with a camera beside the projector. The projections will be related to me since I like to have that sentimental meaning in my art. Some examples would be a skype call window, the coding for this project and music player that will have animations to match the music. Essentially, my projection is going to make the screen a larger and more interactive computer screen.

Every time I come across a scene of Tony Stark using his technology, it makes me wonder if that technology will become reality – using a computer with no screen and just projections? Although the project is still nowhere near that technology nor is this project¬†really related to creating that technology, it’s just a concept brought closer to reality. It’s mainly just for entertainment.

I was inspired by the interactions of this video. Because my projection is not actually a computer screen but merely just videos and animation projected like a screen, I’m going to have to time everything to create a seamless¬†performance interacting with the video.

Below are some rough sketches of my project.

IMG_2441[1] IMG_2440[1]